What Makes Growth Ortho Different

Growth Orthopedics is not a typical managed service organization. If you’ve been approached by other healthcare investors but have declined because they didn’t fit your healthcare philosophy or your sense of independence, we encourage you to consider setting up an initial conversation with Growth Ortho.

We are taking a new approach to orthopedic MSOs — one that places the physician and their ability to care for patients first. Ultimately, we believe that our model will usher in a new age of orthopedic healthcare in every market in which we operate.

How Growth Ortho Has Reinvented Physician Investment Groups

Growth Ortho allows physicians to maintain their autonomy while including them in key decision-making processes. As a team, we can grow the member practices and our businesses while providing the best healthcare available. Here are some of the key Growth Ortho differences:


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Member practices and doctors maintain their autonomy. Physicians are not pressured to increase output, cut patient visitation times, or alter their schedules to improve patient flow.


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Before accepting new physicians to the practice, doctors will be able to participate in the selection. Growth Ortho will only introduce top-qualified orthopedists to your practice.

Medical Decisions

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Physicians make clinical decisions that are in the patients’ best interest. Patients aren’t shuffled from doctor to doctor based on arbitrary economic decisions, and physicians can keep the patients they’ve been treating.


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Growth Ortho allows existing equity holders and key managers to assume equity in Growth Ortho and establishes a pathway for new physicians to earn an equity stake.


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Practice branding does not change. Your orthopedics office will have the same name that your community has come to know and trust. Growth Ortho will help you increase brand awareness by giving you the tools and resources you require to stand out in your market.

Second-Bite Board

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Equity shareholders can participate in the acquisition of new practices, as well as input for new equity partners in the future.

Most physician practice management companies take a hands-on approach to ensure that their investment is profitable. At Growth Ortho, we achieve profitability by improving efficiency, which allows the practice to grow. We bring in the support, equipment, staffing, and processes that the practice requires.

FAQ About Physician Management Companies and Growth Ortho

How does Growth Ortho maintain physician autonomy?

To begin with, physicians will always have the final say when it comes to patients receiving necessary treatment. Additionally, physicians do not have to alter their schedules or increase their work capacity. We believe this is particularly appealing to doctors in the later stages of their careers who would like to spend some time enjoying the fruits of their labor. Existing partners can also help vet new physicians to ensure cohesiveness. Finally, equity holders can help determine which new practices can join the Growth Ortho MSO.

What sort of changes does Growth Ortho make?

The most significant changes will be outlined before we close on the acquisition. One of the positive improvements that you can look forward to is an upgrade to facilities, equipment, and processes. By improving patient services and expectations, we can expect growth. There are support functions that can be shared across several practices, reducing the need for extra staffing and facilities. Finally, physicians will be added as your practice requires it. Existing practice physicians will have a say in this process.