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We Are Growth Ortho

We have developed a new approach to managed service organizations (MSO) for orthopedic practices. Using our specific knowledge of this area of medicine, our team can support surgeon recruiting, deliver technological advancements, improve administrative efficiency, and more. Growth Orthopedics recognizes the importance of maintaining both physician freedom and practice independence. They’re key elements to patient confidence, care, and satisfaction. We provide your orthopedic practice with the organizational tools and resources to build and grow, so you can focus on delivering excellent care for your patients.

About Us

Patient Care and Physician Autonomy

Growth Ortho is not an orthopedic practice seeking to expand into new markets. On the contrary, all our member practices are local independent orthopedic offices who partner with our MSO. No healthcare investment firm could understand the nuances of your orthopedic practice the way that your doctors and staff members do. At Growth Ortho, patient outcomes and satisfaction are our highest priority, and clinical decisions are made by the physicians.

Practice Growth

The development and growth of your orthopedic practice are the responsibility of our healthcare investment firm. Growth Ortho’s business strategy allows for practices to expand at a rate that is comfortable for the physicians and beneficial to the patients. We recruit orthopedic practices that will benefit from our services and share our healthcare ideals. Growth Ortho provides your business with the tools, resources, and talented doctors and surgeons to help your business develop.

Network Leverage

As our business develops and more orthopedic partners join, Growth Ortho will increase its bargaining power when negotiating with payors, vendors, insurance companies, and more. Member practices will immediately recognize the benefit of belonging to a large and powerful network.

What Is Strategic Healthcare Investing?

Growth Ortho is a MSO that invests in individual practices by integrating them into a network. By identifying practices that are poised for potential, Growth Ortho can help the practice expand and increase its value. Most importantly, this model allows doctors to focus on their patients’ care.

Posts and articles

Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin Joins National Management Services Organization

AUSTIN, Texas – Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin (OSA), the premier orthopedic group in the region and leader in providing advanced orthopedic specialty care, announced they have joined a national management services organization, Growth Orthopedics, formed in partnership with Trivest Partners, a Miami-based private equity firm focused on founder and family-ownedMore

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Announcing Bluegrass Orthopaedics, a New Fund VI Platform Investment

MIAMI—Trivest Partners (“Trivest” or the “Firm”) announces it has partnered with Bluegrass Orthopaedics (“BGO” or the “Company”), together forming a new national management services organization (“MSO”). This transaction represents the 7th platform investment of Trivest Fund VI.   BGO is an orthopedic physician practice located in Lexington, KY. The practice isMore

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Frequently Asked Questions about Growth Ortho

How do you select the practices you acquire?

Growth Ortho seeks top-tier orthopedic practices with growth potential. For us, the physicians are the most valuable asset because they will continue to provide the service that we sell. With this in mind, the practices we acquire place the well-being of the patient before profits

How is Growth Ortho able to increase profitability?

Because we are able to incorporate your practices into our network, we can remove costly redundancies. In addition, all individual practices can benefit from shared marketing. As a larger organization, we have increased bargaining power and can take advantage of volume buying discounts. We can also assist in accelerating surgeon recruiting to accommodate the influx of new patients.

Will I have a say in the surgeons that we hire?

Growth Ortho recognizes the importance of physician cohesion within a practice. As part of the control that member doctors maintain over their practices, they are integral when it comes to physician recruitment. We provide the candidates through our superior recruitment system, but you determine who you work with.

Will my practice name change?

No, our member practices maintain their branding.


Bluegrass Orthopaedics chose private equity because we felt it was the best option to maintain the independence of our practice and allow us to remain true to our primary mission of putting the patient first. Additionally, joining a private equity group allowed us to monetize portions of our practice in a way that previously was not an option. This option benefited both old and young partners. BGO chose Trivest because they allowed us to remain in control of our practice’s destiny and subsequently maintain our mission to always put the patient first. They helped us come up with innovative concepts such as the second bite board and the clinical excellence board. The relationship so far has exceeded all of the physicians’ expectations. Our day-to-day practices have really not changed much. The doctors seem to be in full control and have the same level of autonomy as ever. Behind the scenes, Growth Ortho is helping us to steer our practice in a direction of growth and continued excellence. They purchased a Mako Robot for our Surgery Center making it the only make a robot in this part of the state. This has allowed a massive growth in our volume at our surgery center so we are now operating at approximately 120% of maximum capacity. They have allowed us to begin planning to expand our surgery center from three rooms to eight rooms. They have enabled us to hire three new partners in three different sub-specialties to help us to keep up with growing demand. This will help keep our Surgery Center near full capacity despite Tripling in size. These partners were hired without dipping into the profit and loss columns for any doctor in the practice. We are very excited for a future with Trivest and Growth Ortho

Christian Christensen, MD

Bluegrass Orthopaedics

We, at Bluegrass Orthopaedics, chose to pursue a relationship with private equity as a pathway to more responsibly expand our footprint, our service area and recruitment of new physicians without sacrificing delivery of top quality, subspecialty, orthopedic care. Trivest, in particular, was attractive to us because of their founders-first approach to investment. It was critically important to our organization that we partner with someone who understood that we are good at what we do yet could provide us with the tools and management services to get to that next level of orthopedic care delivery and recruitment of new physicians, while sharing the financial burden and thusly, the rewards. Since our closing in November of 2020, the transaction with Trivest and we have the formation of the MSO, Growth Orthopedics. We also have interviewed and are heavily recruiting multiple physicians. We have active plans to expand our 3,000 case per year surgery center in the very near future. Much investment has been put into the clinical practice to improve efficiencies and employee retention, engagement and recruitment. Most importantly, as promised by Trivest, there has been no interference in the day-to-day operations of our organization and ultimately, we as the individual physicians of Bluegrass Orthopaedics continue to make the decisions that affect our organization.

Jason Harrod, DPM

Bluegrass Orthopaedics